Where to begin – sly

My story. Where to begin. Well, I was getting bored. Had been at the same job, with more or less the same people, for 27 years. Was settled into my house. But I was bored. Even taking showers was boring. My girlfriend had bought a Harley Davidson Sportster a few years ago, we rode around on that a while, until we realized it was too small for us! So she bought a big Harley Fat Bob. I liked riding on that with her, the feeling of fast acceleration, smelling the fragrant air as we zipped through it, outrunning traffic… When I heard about the Motorcycle Safety Classes, I thought I would take it, just for the hell of it. Sue YelleAnd I did. Boy, it was fun! 2 days of intense learning on and about motorcycles. When it was over, I could hardly wait to get one of my own. We had just joined a women’s riding group in Long Beach, and were getting to know them and ride with them. They were so nice, and it was so much fun to meet new people, people I actually had something in common with right off the bat. And it was a huge variety of women, young, old, rich, poor, all shapes and sizes. We always rode to a nice restaurant, where we all chatted and got to know each other. Now they are my best friends, a lot of them are on FaceBook, and we all chat and plan rides and get togethers. So it has become a great social group now, even without riding motorcycles.

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